Transport Technology

Transport Technology
Transport Technology
Transport Technology


Transport Technology - Mobile Elevating Modules

  • Radio-controlled heavy-duty carriages for in-house transport work with large-format components
  • Fields of application in all sectors of industry for transporting construction components without cranes
  • Hydraulic drives via high-performance batteries or generators
  • Rail-mounted or controllable versions
  • For transporting and lifting loads up 150 tonnes / carriage
  • Single or tandem operation

Functions in Tandem Operation:

The lifting carriages are set in position with lowered cylinders under the transport blocks supporting the steel structure. Transport block spacing is determined by the length of the structure being transported. The centering position for elevation is located entirely automatically.

The carriages can be both or individually controlled with the hand-held transmitter. The lifting carriages are now switched to the master/slave mode and can now communicate via a secure wireless transmission procedure with all functions being carried out synchronously by both carriages.

The load is raised to the required height in this mode and can subsequently travel to the required position where it is set down again. The two-way radio transmission communicates the speed from one carriage to the other ensuring an overall uniform velocity for both carriages.

Further information you can find on our product data sheet 12 Transport Technology HAW