Hydraulic Technology

Hydraulic Technology
Hydraulic Technology
Hydraulic Technology


Hydraulic power units and cylinders for:

  • Mould systems and moulding machines
  • Turning and tilting devices
  • Transport systems
  • Storage equipment

We supply a comprehensive, integrated range of hydraulic drive technology and are able to implement solutions to your own individual challenges.

As a supplement to this, we can also offer programmable electronic control technology plus hand-held radio transmission control units according to requirements.

Control cabinets are manufactured in line with the tough demands of precast concrete component production facilities and custom-made to the requirements of logic operating technology in a particular plant.

When employing simultaneously enabled cylinders in mould systems, a high-quality volume actuation unit is utilised that guarantees precise synchronisation with only the most minor variations.

We utilise hydraulic motors, reversible hydraulic drives, cylinders with distance measurement technology etc. for our machines and systems technology.

More than 40 years of experience in mould systems and devices using hydraulic technology are warranty for sound advice in the safe choice of your hydraulic drive.