Hydraulic Swing Tilting-Table SKT

Swing Tilting-Table
Swing Tilting-Table
Swing Tilting-Table


A high performance vibrating tilting table for the production of facade panels and floor and wall slabs for particularly high surface qualities.

The difference, on which everything depends:

By separating the actual formwork surface of the vibrating tilting table from the tilting structure, only the shuttering surface itself is vibrated with external vibrators. The formwork surface structure lies directly on the tilting block structure without transmission structures.

The crucial advantages are as follows:

  • Uninterrupted and uniform vibration distribution.
  • Better compaction because vibration is applied directly.
  • Lower compaction energy, i.e. fewer and smaller external vibrators.
  • Considerable reduction in noise since the tilting block structure is not vibrated with the formwork.
  • Formwork surface layout changed over more quickly.


  • SKT-S planked with shuttering plate
  • SKT-R in grid design for shuttering panel planking
  • SKT-H adjustable side supports

Standard sizes, 3.5 x 6 m - 25 x 5.5 m

Further information you can find on our product data sheet 07 Swing Tilting Table SKT