Angle-Element Formwork System MS-WSE

Angle-Element Formwork
Angle-Element Formwork
Angle-Element Formwork


Hydraulic MODULE-Formwork System for manufacturing corner support elements.

A precision formwork system for manufacturing angle element retaining walls to the highest standards in fair-faced concrete quality and with the greatest profitability.

Milled, conical shutter for “instant demoulding”. All round milled profiles with triangular bevelled edges. All joints are furnished with hollow rubber seals. These guarantee absolute WATERTIGHT formwork zones.

The outstanding production results are utterly convincing with this formwork system as is its cost-effectiveness.

Model versions:

  • WMS I — Single sides retractable
  • WMS Z — Tandem formwork with fixed formwork core
  • Drive — Hydraulic and Automatic formwork locking device
  • End formwork — Multi-level for differing end dimensions
  • Mould batteries — Partitioning and lengths as required from 6.500 up to 12.500 mm
  • Element heights — 550 - 3.050 mm
  • Element widths — 490 - 990 mm

Further information you can find on our product data sheet 08 Angle-Element Formwork MS-WSE