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Technoplan stands for quality machines and plant construction in precast concrete technology. There is great value on the practical nature of the formwork systems and the modules, in that the experiences and expectations of the customers have biggest consideration.

Customized special formworks, slab-, beam-moulds, girder-formworks and double T formworks are just a part of our delivery program.


Sebastian Hoyer
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About us

Technoplan was founded in 1978, and has earned an excellent reputation as a supplier of innovative and high-quality forming equipment for the production of precast concrete.

The development of technologically-advanced and highly cost-efficient shell equipment was and continues to be at the forefront for the company. An important innovative step was the consistent integration of hydraulic drives and secondly the introduction of modular construction (MODULE) in form technology for the production of supports, binders, DD elements and bridge beams.

In 1980 the company expanded by acquiring production line of the Mannesmann–Kleber group sectors: vibrating/tilting tables, production lines, battery and formwork wall manufacturers. Hydraulic engineering is considered to be particularly robust (see construction technology) and offers complete components for safe, reliable and easy-to-operate drive technology.

The first large-scale facilities, such as space cell production, offshore bridge girders, TT production lines and battery wall forms up to turnkey plants were carried out in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. This was followed by systems for producing large, single- and multi-cellular channel elements for the so-called "stormwater channels" in Mecca, Riyadh and Jeddah.

The MODUL technology breakthrough helped the company break into the European market and has established a trend with its multi-functionality. Special systems, special forms and formwork techniques for very specific requirements being realized in cooperation with the customer. From this, the product forms for the manufacture of hydraulic branches arose particularly challenging angle wall windows and L-stones for landscaping, urban and railway facilities.

In 2007 Technoplan system technik GmbH was taken over by Frank Schüler who adopted and moved the company headquarters to Jessen (Elster). At the beginning of 2021, the company merged with BETA Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG in Heringen (Helme), the long-standing partner and manufacturer of Technoplan products.


2021      Merger with BETA Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

2018      Company Anniversary – 40 years

2013      bauma 2013 in Munich

2012      Expansion of the service sector mechatronics

2010      bauma 2010 in Munich

2009      Building of a new production hall in Elster (Elbe)

2008      Company Anniversary – 30 years

2008      Relocation of the headquarters to Jessen (Elster) (Saxony Anhalt)

2007      New CEO: Frank Schüler

1990      Building of the production facilities in Elster (Elbe) (Saxony Anhalt)

1978      Company foundation of TECHNOPLAN system technik GmbH in Lindlar (North Rhine-Westphalia)